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35n Cretan tsikoudia

Today, wine lovers the world over can enjoy the excellence of the new Greek wines, produced from varieties and vineyards which for millennia on end have yielded wines which were renowned in their time and have been entered in the annals of worl wine history. What is more, the new wines of Greece carry within the history of Greek wine and are the ideal vehicle to a journey through time. The history of Greek wine is difficult to understand if torn away from Greek history itself and even more difficult to describe. However, it all becomes simple and clear when enjoying a glass of new Greek wine responsibly and in moderation. “Evi evan!” was the toast at the celebrations of the cult of Dionysus. “Let us be merry but never drunk” Socrates used to say at the symposia he would attend. “Wine gladdens the heart of man” acknowledged Christianity. To all that, the Greeks of today come to add their own toast and literally mean every word of it: “Yia mas!” ("Here is to health!")

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Abelon Organic Grape Spirit Aged 4 Years 700ml with Gift Box Kazakis House of Viticulture

Abelon Organic Grape Spirit, Aged 4 Years, 100% Certified Organic Distillate, Golden Colour, Warm and Velvet Taste, Beautiful Aromas of Caramel, Vanilla, and Honey with Dry Fruit Notes - Kazakis House of Viticulture
€370.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €528.57 per 1 lt

METAXA 12 STARS Mature & Elegant 700ml

Metaxa 12-Star is the most mature of the regular range of Metaxa Greek spirits, and there’s a push on to familiarize American palates with this classic Greek drink, or the Original Greek Spirit.
€39.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €55.71 per 1 lt

Metaxa Private Reserve 700ML

Once a year, Constantinos keeps skillfully bringing together special blends of aged grape distillates and Muscat wines from Samos, releasing a unique batch of Private Reserve.
€70.90 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €101.29 per 1 lt

Kleos Super Premium Mastiha Spirit 700ml

Kleos Mastiha Spirit is a super-premium mastiha spirit made in small batches from the highest quality PDO mastiha resin from the Greek island of Chios. It has a clear, crisp body with a delicate floral aroma and a refreshingly sweet taste. The spirit is low in sugar and calories, making it a great choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to traditional spirits.
€43.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €61.43 per 1 lt

Ktima Biblia Chora | Rosé PGI 750ml

It has a bright cherry colour with hues of blue and a rich aroma of red fruit (strawberry, cherry and blueberry) with notes of butterscotch.
€15.00 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €20.00 per 1 lt