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Herbal Tea Blend

Our herbal tea blend is caffeine-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, free of added sugar and free of artificial flavoring with numerous health benefits.

Harmony Ηerbal Τea
Harmony herbal tea is a blend of natural, aromatic herbs that reduces stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and calmness.
£12.82 excluding shipping
DEFENCE Ηerbal Τea
Defence herbal tea is a blend of herbs, high in antioxidants, that reinforces the body’s defenses.
£12.82 excluding shipping
DETOX Ηerbal Τea
Detox herbal tea is a revitalizing blend of natural herbs that is naturally detoxifying and cleanses the body.
£12.82 excluding shipping
Digestion herbal tea consists of herbs that are traditionally known to be beneficial to the digestive system. Ideal before and after meals.
£12.82 excluding shipping
ENERGY Ηerbal Τea
Energy herbal tea is an invigorating blend of natural herbs that boosts both mental and physical energy.
£12.82 excluding shipping