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Luxury Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Buying The Best Olive Oil Will Help You Live Longer

Researchers believe that the main reason why high quality extra virgin olive oil yields so many more health benefits than most other oils is because it is one of the few that can be consumed without chemical processing; letting the fruit keep its nutrient profile, meaning a higher density and quality of nutrients in the oil.
Besides lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure, incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your diet also improves bone mineralization, calcification, and calcium absorption, helping to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. A diet that incorporates extra virgin olive oil is also recommended for those with diabetes, and in recent studies has also been correlated with preventing strokes and certain kinds of cancer.
The health benefits of olive oil are not limited to just helping to keep physical diseases and conditions at bay. Researchers have recently shown that a higher intake of olive oil and other polyunsaturated fats are associated with a lower risk of depression and another recently published study has shown that consuming olive oil may also help reduce the cognitive decline that comes with ageing, including the potential to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
The olive oils with the greatest health benefits are going to be those with the highest antioxidant content - a quality which usually correlates with a more bitter flavour. When pairing food be aware that very bitter olive oil may overpower your meal, so selection and pairing are key.

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Drop of Life Ultra Healthy Olive Oil Limited Reserve in Wooden Box 500ml


It’s a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With extremely high natural levels of polyphenols, our olive oil works to promote a wealth of health benefits towards; Oxidative Stress, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Bone problems and the general Ageing of the body

€89.90 excluding shipping
equates to €179.80 per 1 lt

LIA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


LIÁ characterized by a medium olive fruitiness that olives that are green. Medium fruity of green banana, red fruits, flowers, green apple, artichoke and wild herbs admirably balanced on bitter and pungent components, shows a very pleasant delicate note of walnut and pink pepper.

€18.80 excluding shipping
equates to €37.60 per 1 lt

Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml Gift Pack Ritual Bloom


The delicate sweet style, fruitiness, spicy bitterness and herbaceous character will satisfy even the most demanding gustatory senses.

€31.50 excluding shipping
equates to €63.00 per 1 lt

Premium P.D.O. Kalamata organic extra virgin olive oil GREEK PONY FARM 500ml


Greek Pony Farm “Kalamata” P.D.O. organic extra virgin olive oil is with a health-claim as it provides 10.3mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or their derivatives.

€27.90 excluding shipping
equates to €55.80 per 1 lt

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